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Get the best deal with our payday loans online

We save your time and match you with the direct lender, who can offer you exactly what you need now. Payday loans meeting your personal needs are what we provide you with offering fast approval within minutes, no faxing and a lot of other benefits you can enjoy being our customer.

We are not the direct lender but we cooperate with the large network of trustworthy lenders ready to support you financially when you are in trouble, regardless your bad credit score.

Time got tough? Payday loan will meet your needs

Secure Payday Loans offer you the following options:

  • Low credit or No credit is fine;
  • Forget about faxing with our payday loans online;
  • Up to $1000 at your disposal within one business day;
  • Fast and easy application process;
  • No need to waste time getting money in store as we offer you money online.

Things are easier than you may think first if you have never had an experience of getting fast loans online. This is completely different from the traditional bank credits.

Solve your short-term financial problems with our payday loans

Our borrowers know that there is no better way of solving urgent financial problems than using the short-term loans, which are intended to give you a helping hand for a couple of weeks in order you can lead a normal life you got used to. Unplanned expenditures always hit at the wrong time. However, payday loan is able to help with unexpected bills or any other emergency situations requiring up to $1000 for 1-2 weeks’ period. One of the main advantages of our payday loans online is that you may have either poor credit rating or no credit at all and this fact won’t prevent our lenders from approving you for the amount of money you need badly now.

Payday loans online are the most convenient way of getting money

Compared to any other loan options, payday loan online is the most convenient one due to the fact that the whole process takes place via the Internet. This makes it possible to apply for the necessary amount of money wherever you are now. Even if you have a weekend and don’t have enough money for some important things, you are able to apply for a loan online and get your money deposited within 1 business day usually.

No need to ask friends or relatives provide you with financial help as fast payday loans give you a chance to feel independent and manage your budget by your own. Consider your situation to be urgent? Apply for a loan online avoiding annoying queues and long period of waiting for the loan decision.

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Payday loans online save both time and money

The entire process of applying for internet payday loans is rather simple and requires really minutes. Compared to the traditional bank credits, we offer you to deal with your financial problems within the short-period of time as we realize that emergencies can’t wait for several days. Online application makes payday loans almost instant. The convenience and little time required to get the money you need make online payday loans the most popular option nowadays.

Why to leave the comfort of your house and go somewhere if we offer you solve all your problems within minutes using any device with the Internet access.

By saying that payday loans online are able to save you money, we mean that compared to long-term mortgages or other loans with the long period of repayment, the short-term loans teach you how to save money and make the loan repayment on the due date. The payday loan deals with urgent temporary difficulties better than any other credit. As the practice shows some people may cover their debts using the second mortgage and pay interest rates during years. But why overpay if you can manage to cope with your problems within the short period of time managing your budget so that you use your payday loan for one or two weeks.

We provide you with the freedom of choice

One of our goals is to give you a chance to feel completely independent in your choice how much money to apply for, when to apply for a loan and what kind of loan to get. We don’t ask you for any kind of explanations what makes you borrow money now as it is up to you to decide how urgent your current financial problem is. Get fast online decision immediately after you submit your application form online whether you are at home or at work. Payday loan approval is the matter of minutes as we connect you with the direct lender, whose terms and requirements suit you better. We have the wide network of direct lenders that’s why the perfect loan taking into account your credit score is guaranteed for you.

Responsible use of online payday loan means:

Applying for payday loans online, you as a borrower of the short-term loan should understand that responsible use of payday loan means that you obtain the necessary amount of money quickly, use it as your quick problem solution and make the loan repayment on the payday. Don’t damage your credit score by non-repayment because of the short-term financial problems.

Compare APR of payday loans and other fees

APR stands for annual percentage rate and varies from 547.5 % to 999.45%. Your APR will depend on the type of the loan and the length of the period you are going to lend money for. The longer your payback term, the lower interest rate you are going to repay.

If you compare payday loans’ annual percentage rates and other fees you will see the following difference:

  • APR is 2,336 % when the fee on $100 bounced check is $32;
  • APR is equal to 965% when the late fee for the credit card |($100) is $37;
  • APR is 1,203 % when the 100$ utility bill costs $46;
  • APR is 391% when the short-term personal loan ($100) has the fee $15.

As for the personal loans the fees are the following:

All fees are average and calculated on the basis of $100 loan.

  • $15 fee –Short term personal loan;
  • $32 fee- Bounced check;
  • $37 fee- Late credit card payment;
  • $46 fee- Late utility bill.

Apply for the payday loan tailored to your individual needs

As it has already been mentioned, we present services helping people to get money as quickly as possible by finding the direct lender instead of you. Your financial needs will be successfully satisfied with one of our direct lenders as we work with the great number of direct lenders, which gives us the great chance to find you the best deal ever. We offer you fast and high-quality service with money deposited directly into your bank account. If you want to get money faster, just don’t waste time and start filling in your application form.

Personal Money Store reminds you that it doesn’t matter what kind of credit apply for, whether it is payday loans, personal loans, installment loans, etc. you should stick to the responsible lending. Consider your current financial situation and make sure it is really as urgent that you need to receive money from some additional financial source now.

Payday loans are perfect way of solving problems, which appear when you don’t expect them at all. However, you must be aware of the fact that applying for the short-term loan you take responsibility of paying it back together with the interest rate on the due date after you get your regular monthly income.

More about the process of getting your instant payday loan

Need cash as quickly as possible? You are offered to get up to $1000 spending just 3-5 minutes filling out an online application form. It is possible to apply for the amount up to $5000 if you choose installment loans. Applying for any option you choose will allow you to enjoy fast loan decision and ability to be approved even if your credit score leaves much to be desired.

Forget about faxing and paperwork choosing payday loans online

No faxing and no paperwork allows save time and apply for the payday loan from the comfort of your house. Just stay where you are if you have an access to the Internet. If you have faced an emergency requiring fast solution in the form of fast faxless loan, the only thing that is obligatory for you, besides Internet access is a valid checking or savings account as your loan will be transferred directly to your bank account.

The cost of your payday loan online

Most direct lenders offer you to apply for the payday loan amount from $100 to $1000, however, you can apply for the installment options that offer larger amount of money to be borrowed. The average loan amount is from $300 to $500.

As for the loan fees, they are from $15 to $30 for every $100 you borrow. However, the exact amount of fees will depend on the state laws, which should be checked before you take a decision to apply for the loan online. If you borrow the large loan, which amount is more than $500, the fee is less.

Things each responsible payday loan borrower must keep in mind

Before you take a decision to apply for any kind of a loan, you are recommended to think your financial situation over and calculate the amount of loan you must repay in order to be sure that this amount won’t hurt your monthly budget. There are situations when payday loan borrowers aren’t able to make the loan repayment on time and request for the loan extension.

However, if your direct lender offers you to re-purchase your loan or use any kind of extension options, including rollover, you should try avoid accepting such offers due to the fact that extension usually results in the cycle of loans. It is better to solve your current financial problems without extending your loan if you don’t want to overpay as in most cases borrowers who use extension options pay as much as the amount of the loan borrowed or even more in the longer period.

Information required for the payday loan approval

Only basic information is required to complete the loan process successfully. You will be asked to provide the lender with personal information that is necessary for your identification, providing your passport ID. Besides identification data you should provide your direct lender with employment details. Your pay cheque will be an evidence of having regular monthly income.

No collateral is required when you apply for the payday loans online. This means that your pay cheque is the only guarantee that you are able to make the loan repayment on time. You will have to share your contact details to keep in touch with the lender. E-mail and cell number must be valid. Otherwise, you won’t be able to be informed about your loan confirmation as well as any other options concerning your loan process.

After the application has been submitted, you can expect to get your money within one working day usually but not longer than a couple of business days. You won’t need to go anywhere to obtain your loan as the amount of payday loan you have applied for is going to be transferred directly into your checking or savings account.

Bad credit borrowers are 100% approved

Unlike auto loans and mortgage loans, payday loans refer to no collateral loans, which are unsecured. Many lenders offer financial help to bad credit borrowers even without checking their credit score due to the fact that the most important factor while taking a decision concerning your loan approval is based on your current income. If you are employed and have a steady source of income but faced some short-term financial problems, you have high chances to be provided with equal rights to enjoy the payday loan online as good credit borrowers have.

No credit check payday loans are common but sometimes lenders may use your credit report while taking a decision concerning your approval. Absence of credit check allows save time and provide customers with an instant loan decision in most cases. Some lenders may charge you higher interest rate in case your credit rating is poor. This should be also taken into account when you apply for a bad credit loan.

Some lenders use the services of three major credit agencies: Equaifax, Experian, Transunion. Some lenders take the loan decision relying on your credit score of these agencies. However, there are lenders who have their criteria of scoring based on your ability to make the loan repayment as well as your repayment history with other lenders.

Due date of your payday loan repayment

As payday loans are short-term loans they are intended to be used for a couple of weeks and be repaid on the due date agreed between the borrower and the payday loan direct lender. Usually your repayment date is your next payday, however, some lenders may agree to extend this period up to 45 days. In any case you should calculate all fees before you apply for the loan to make sure you will have an opportunity to make the loan repayment on time to avoid any late fees.

In case the date of your pay day has been changed or you have some other changes, which may influence the repayment of your payday loan, you should inform your direct payday loan lender immediately to fix another loan repayment date.

Collection Practices:

Collection Practices vary from State to State and from Lender to Lender. It is recommended to find out more about the State regulations and collection practices of your lender individually. In case a borrower can’t make the loan repayment, there are certain methods used for the collections via telephone. First internal methods are used. But if the lender hasn’t managed to get the borrowed money back, the lender has the right to send your loan to the third party, which is a collection agency, which aim is to make the borrower pay money back.

You should be aware of all possible negative consequences like damage of your credit score and use of collection practices by your lender in case of non-repayment of the loan borrowed. Stick to the responsible borrowing to avoid negative impact of missing the loan repayment and use your money reasonably. Being used wisely payday loans online may play the important role of fast helpers in your life.

Entrust your cash short-falls to Personal Money Store lenders

Don’t panic when face any unexpected short-falls preventing you from having normal life as you got used to. We offer you much better option to consider than living within the tight budget the whole month. You can entrust your money problems to our network of trusted lenders who are always ready to provide you with instant problem solution quickly and effectively.

Don’t save money for emergencies and enjoy life as Personal Money Store is here any moment you have unplanned expenditures that must be covered urgently. All your problems will be behind you after you apply for our same day payday loans online. We guarantee you safety and top-notch quality service when you become our payday loan borrower.